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We are a group of artisans who strives to express Japanese architecture through oxidized (Smoked) roof "kawara" tiles. Our artisans, who are equipped with traditional techniques, will communicate directly with the customers, plan together, and work on the project until completion.


The following is a descriptionof the “kawara” tiles installation process

  • 01

    Contact us

  • 02

    Face-to-face meeting
    (We support Zoom meetings as well)

  • 03

    Field survey

  • 04

    Consultations and quotations

  • 05

    Kiln firing ceremony

  • 06

    Preparation of shipping procedures and shipping cost estimates

  • 07

    Contract / shipping / start of construction

  • 08

    Completion and handover

  • 09

    After maintenance


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We are dedicated to promoting the traditional Japanese craft of "kawara" tiles and expanding its potential. Our work involves not only residential and commercial buildings, but also historical and cultural sites such as shrines and tea houses. We feel a strong sense of responsibility in preserving this valuable tradition and strive to provide a comfortable work environment. We need your help to spread this remarkable technology worldwide and achieve our ambitious goals.

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