Contact us

Please let us know the concept, planned scope, purpose, location, etc. of the construction. (As much as what you know is sufficient information for us!) We accept inquiries by phone or email.

Face-to-face meeting
(We support Zoom meetings as well)

We will meet in person and ask you about the general idea of the desired construction, your requests, and questions.

Field survey

After visiting the site and confirming the target building, the surrounding road conditions, and the location environment, etc., we will carry out surveying. In case of a new construction, after confirming the planned construction site, we will make an estimate based on the blueprint.

Consultations and quotations

We will propose a design based on your requests and various conditions. At the same time, we will create a quotation.

Kiln firing ceremony

As part of building (or re-roofing) their once-in-a-lifetime home, the client will join the construction team in witnessing the creation of the tiles. They will write down their thoughts and place them with the tiles to be fired in the kiln. The team will carve the client’s name and special date onto an un-dried tile to commemorate the occasion. Together, they will place the tiles into the kiln, offer a prayer for success, and hope for their dreams to come true.

Preparation of shipping procedures and shipping cost estimates

We will prepare shipping documents and create quotations for shipping costs and insurance premiums.

Contract/shipping/start of construction

We will optimize the proposed exterior, design, specifications, etc., according to your budget. Based on mutual agreement, we will create a construction contract, and after the shipping date and time are decided, we will begin preparations for the start of construction. We will carry out the construction work based on the contract with the best possible service from our hearts. We will do our best to accommodate requests such as specification changes even during the construction.

Completion and handover

We will provide you with all the photos of the work in progress when the project is completed. If the buildings require confirmation applications from government offices, etc., we will also attend the necessary inspections as well.

After maintenance

One year after the handover, inspections and inspections of each section will be carried out. We will keep you informed if any additional work is required.


Please feel free to contact us for construction consultation and estimates.