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Based in Kyoto, we use one of the Japanese traditional building materials called "Kawara" roof tiles, to express the beauty of Japan.

We have worked on numerous shrines and temples, as well as traditional Japanese architectural housings, both domestically and internationally.

Oxidized(smoked) roof tiles have a very long history. The craft requires traditional techniques that have been passed down for more than 1400 years.

The tiles are made through the process of burning and fumigating. This process simply uses soil and fire, the blessing from the earth and the indispensable life element.

Our technique is only performed in Japan. When the temperature reaches 900℃, the air is cut off and gas is introduced. During this time, the color transforms into a unique expression of oxidized roof tiles. This color is often referred to as the "fumed silver".

"Onigawara," which are Kawara roof with facial structure of "oni," are used as an amulet. It contains a history of being worshiped as a guardian that protects family’s safety and good health repelling the negative spirit to enter into the vicinity.

We aspire to create new, vibrant sceneries that no one has yet seen, using our beautiful, tiled roofs across the buildings of the world. We strive to create new spaces where traditional techniques and modern ideas intersect.

Tatsuma Shoji


Company Daibutsu. Co,.Ltd
Location 4-1, Kanigasaka-cho, Kita-ku Nishigamo, Kyoto-city, Japan 603-8805
Phone number +81-75-493-5580

National Certification
-1st class Kawara roofing skill

-Certified Roof Consultant
-Certified Kawara Roof Consultant Engineer
-First-Class Construction Execution Manager

Business Temples and Shrines / Japanese Sukiya architecture / Ordinary houses / mindfulness room


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